We recommend for hotels in Sheffield. There are a wide range of prices and room types available – search for ‘Sheffield S3 7QY’ to find the closest. A few that are notable:

  • The Harley: cheap, cheerful, noisy, incredibly close to the conference.
  • Wilson Carlisle: cheap, highly rated, and very close to the conference.
  • Leopold Hotel: a 4* boutique hotel in the city centre, next to the Botanist restaurant
  • Mercure Sheffield: a 4* hotel attached to the Winter Gardens.
  • The Rutland Hotel: in a quiet residential area half a mile from the university.

But there are many others within the city and surrounding area that would be suitable.

Another alternative is which has several options in Sheffield. Please be cautious when using airbnb, check reviews carefully, and be aware that cancellation policies can vary.

If you have any queries about specific hotels, or about locations in general, please send us an email at